2016 Toyota Prius Specs and Performance

2016 Toyota Prius Specs and Performance – For those who own a car especially Toyota, they must have known regarding Toyota Prius. This car which was really famous in its release back then has very fantastic features called hybrid mode. Before continuing, it is worth to note that it is very different thing between hybrid and electric car. Hybrid cars including Toyota Prius still needs gasoline for its power source. However, electric car usually does not include any kind of fossil fuel. 2016 Toyota Prius review will give some useful information regarding this excellent car.

2016 Toyota Prius Review for Its Performance

Performance is what people usually seek at the first time they buy a car. The reason is because the more power the car, the more convenient the car. Even though it is not always like that, many people believe that kind of statement overtimes. The first thing about 2016 Toyota Prius performance is related to its power. Toyota Prius has decent power that makes the driver able to reach more than 120 kohl easily. However, it is only the version that has bigger engine. The standard and V version of Prius are claimed to have such ability. In addition to speed, the performance also includes its efficiency.

2016 Toyota Prius Review for Efficiency

Prius is always famous of its efficiency. It is also claimed that Prius is the most efficient hybrid car ever. That statement is not without a fact since its mpg can reach up to more than 50 mph. the reason is simply because the 2016 version is actually the successor of 2015 pious. Therefore, the mpg should have been improved by the time it is released. As guidance, 2016 Toyota Prius review states that this car has less than 2.0 liter of engine. It means that there is no huge power needed to run this car. In addition to light weight, this car has an ability to recharge the electric power plant through some actions such as braking and speeding. In addition, excess heat from working engine is used to charge the battery as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that this car can reach more than 50 miles for each gallon of gasoline.


2016 Toyota Prius Price

Since this car is outstanding in matter of efficiency, many people really want to own this car. But, what about the price of this car? From the information we have, the price of this 2016 Toyota Prius is range between $20.000-$30.000. Please check the table price for the 2015 version to give you more details information of the price, despite the image show the 2015, we believe the price wont be much different with this new version.

2015 Toyota Prius Price and Configurations