2016 Toyota Prius V Review

2016 Toyota Prius V Review – Toyota as the famous and best car manufacture in the world always presents the best product for their consumer. Toyota is a manufacture produces cars which are needed by people in various generations. There are cars which can be used for young generations to show the personality of the young generation from the style, color and performance. There are car series which are suitable for older generation which have a calmer and elegant style which are completed with the cars’ performance. It really is not only car for one generation, but it also car which can be used for both old and young generations.


2016 Toyota Prius V Review of Interior

In the newest trims of Toyota Prius V, Toyota as car manufacture tries to combine what old and young generation need in a modern car. 2016 Toyota Prius V Review will help people to get closer with their beloved car. Starting from Prius V interior, the Interior receives an important role in this newest series to give a comfort for the owner. It is proved with its seat size. The front seat has 39,6 in for the head room, 53.5 in for hip room, 41.3 for leg room, and 55.9 in foot shoulder room. On the other hand, rear seat has 53.5 in for hip tom, 38.6 in for head room, 35.9 in for leg room and 55.2 in for the shoulder room. By seeing the size of the seat, it proves that this car offers a comfort for the driver and passenger. The second aspect in car’s interior is about color. Deep grey and black are colors that make the car interior look so elegant. The car’s entertainment is the other aspect that interior offers. It consists of six speakers, FM/AM stereo, USB connection and auxiliary audio which are completed with external media control.

2016 Toyota Prius V Review about Colors

Moving to the other aspect of the car, it is about the exterior color. The exterior color of the car is like a face for the car. Based on information, 2016 Toyota Prius V Review tells that there are nine color variations. Some of them are red, black, deep blue, grey and deep grey.


2016 Toyota Prius V Review about Pricing

The last aspect is about the price. It is not a secret that this car has the best price started from  $26.750 up to $32.000 is the price that people must pay. That is all about 2016 Toyota Prius V Review.

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