Lexus CT 2018 Concept

The Lexus CT 2018 will be the second generation of this model, and it will ride on the same platform as the fourth-generation Toyota Prius. Replacing the old chassis with the new one, named Toyota New Global Architecture will make the vehicle much lighter than before, which also means more efficiency regarding fuel consumption and also more responsive to drive. The next generation of CT will certainly get the most striking appearance, similar to the bigger models like the RX and NX. Except the changes in the chassis and in the exterior design we can expect and some redesigns inside the cabin and also improved engines. More about its exterior, interior, engine capabilities and price&release date in the next review:

Lexus CT 2018 front
Lexus CT 2018 – Exterior and Interior Changes:

The exterior design of the future model is significantly improved, and this mostly applies to the chassis. As we say, the chassis will be made of lightweight materials and thanks to that fact the total weight of the vehicle will be reduced which further means better fuel economy. At the front of the car, we can notice recognizable Lexus spindle grille that looks gorgeous. The headlights of the Lexus CT 2018 are now sharper and underlined by LED daytime running lights. Also, the taillights will be powered by LEDs bulbs. The front bumper will be fitted with the air intakes and with the fog lights, as well. These things will certainly serve their purpose so we can expect better engine cooling and also better road vision at nights. At the sides, this vehicle will ride on the wheels that will also be made of lightweight materials and 18 inches large. In general, only significant change from the outside is the new platform; everything else is pretty the same as in the current model.

From the inside, the Lexus CT 2018 is very elegant, and here we can expect a lot of nice features. First of all, comfort in the cabin is on the top level, and all seats will be wrapped by the high-quality leather. There will be and other useful materials inside, such as aluminum. Furthermore, the dashboard of the new model is well organized and here we can see the large display with the latest Lexus infotainment system. The steering wheel is multifunctional with a lot of buttons. Some of safety and security system are lane departure warnings, stability and traction control, cruise control, etc.

Lexus CT 2018 interior
Lexus CT 2018 – Engine Options:

Under the hood, the newest Lexus CT 2018 will be powered by a combination of engine and electric motors. So, here we have gasoline four-cylinder 1.8-liter engine Atkinson that will be capable of producing 98 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be connected to two electric motors, and together with them, total output will be 180 hp as well as 152 lb-ft of torque. The top speed of the upcoming Lexus CT 2018 will be 115 mph. The fuel consumption of this model is rated at 43 mpg.

Lexus CT 2018 rear

Lexus CT 2018 – Availability and Cost:

If not by the end of 2016 years, this model will hit the dealerships in early 2017. The starting value of the new model should be about $33.000, and this is an excellent price for this level of equipment and generally for this kind of car.

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